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Check Work in Progress
Set deadlines for each step of the research paper and tell the students what format you would like it in when assigning the project.? This will keep the students organized, allows an opportunity to ask questions while researching and this will cut down on plagiarism.
Hosting Lunch Groups
Create a lunch group or join one already in place. Keep the focus of the group positive by establishing a commonly agreed upon rule not to engage in slanderous talk.? Too often, lunch bunches become gripe or gossip sessions, and such behavior is usually counter-productive to building a strong school community.? Keep your talk professional, and encourage and foster wholesome laughter?the people who...
Define Project Details Before Identifying Funding Opportunities
Define as many project specifics as possible once you have done your background work and obtained preliminary support for the project.? By determining the audience, approach, amount needed, and evaluation methods for the project now, you will have a better chance of finding the right grant when it comes time to look. You can, of course, alter your plan to adhere to a funder's standards when necess...
Classroom Jobs
Assigning classroom jobs to students is a win-win situation. Students get excited about having a job that gives them some type of control and classroom ownership, and at the same time, they learn how to be accountable for their responsibilities. In this video, McGraw-Hill author, Vicki Gibson, Ph.D., explains how to delegate classroom jobs to students, suggests several classroom jobs that can be ...
Interventions Can Effectively Involve Parents
DAILY TIP Communicate frequently with parents or guardians of struggling students. Parents or guardians may need specific advice for helping the student make improvements. It may help to engage in frequent correspondences, encourage parental monitoring of homework, and provide parents with a schedule of students' assignments. Do you have tips to share? We?d love to post them here! Contact us.?
Develop a Job Chart
Begin by listing every duty you do that is not explicitly teaching (e.g., organizing papers, checking supplies, picking up trash, organizing clutter, checking student assignments, etc.). Use a highlighter and mark the jobs on your list that can be assigned to a student. Create a job title for each of those tasks. For example: Trash Monitor or Environmental Manager, is a student assigned to be ...
Developing Student Talk
Developing student talk may be summarized into four basic steps: 1.  Defining acceptable and unacceptable responses. 2.  Modeling and practicing acceptable response. 3.  Coaching students to perform acceptable responses. 4.  Following through with consistency and accountability.
Update on Assessment Consortia
Welcome to my first post on our new blog! As a former math teacher and current math editor, I thought a post on the Common Core State Standards would be appropriate. As many of you already know, the Common Core State Standards will have a large impact on what is taught in Language Arts and Mathematics classrooms and how students are assessed. The Common Core Assessment Consortia, consisting of fi...
Teacher Evaluations
Ask your students for an anonymous teacher evaluation. Create a questionnaire concerning the learning environment you have created and request students to anonymously complete the evaluation. Read and study the comments of your students and use the information wisely to enhance student learning.
Write and Wipe
Use inexpensive photo albums as transparent, dry-erase boards. Inside each sleeve, you can insert a flash card or an index card with a sentence frame or number pattern. Have students use a dry erase marker to write the answer on top. Once complete with the activity, students can wipe their answers and insert more cards or pass the activity to a partner.